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We really want to help you if you are suffering grief.  Whether it is related to bereavement, work, divorce or anything else - we are here to help. Grief is natural and normal and we all deal with it in different ways and over differing lengths of time.  If you are struggling then contact us - we understand and we want to help you

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It is a sad but absolute truth, that life and death are always partners. One must follow the other.

Some deaths are expected, some are not. No matter how much notice we are given, we are never fully prepared for the reality of the death of a loved one.

You may find that you are very calm, especially if you have been able to care for somebody ill in the time leading up to an expected death.

You will of course feel sadness in the moments ahead that you miss their physical presence, but please do not assume that all deaths are filled with only sorrow.

When first faced with death, every one of our reactions is considered normal. If the death of a loved one is completely unexpected and unprepared for, then you will need to accept that it will take time for the new reality to sink in.

Our brains and bodies are wonderfully designed to cope with stress in many ways; talk, touch and hug, be childlike, be emotional, be strong at times if you must, but take each hour and day one at a time.

Accept each moment exactly as it is. This is a time of being flexible in your expectations of others and yourself, and understanding that we are all vulnerable. Let people help you.

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